Is a Siamese Cat Right for You?

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Siamese cats are strikingly beautiful animals and that alone attracts many people to them. They are however different than a domestic cat breed. They are temperamental cats with a very spunky personality. The Siamese is also known to be very vocal, I know mine is. Siamese cats are extremely social and friendly and they really don’t discriminate against anyone! My Siamese cat sleeps with our big dogs and will follow anyone down the sidewalk for a nice afternoon stroll.

This breed can be high maintenance when it comes to attention. They need lots of it! Siamese cats are also very curious so they have no problem finding their own toys to play with whether it be up on a table or under your bed. Leaving toys out for them is a wonderful idea as they have no problem entertaining themselves as if someone else was throwing the toy around for them. These cats are elegant and intelligent and like to be involved in whatever is going on. Don’t be surprised if they become your little shadow. Good with children and other animals, these cats make wonderful family pets and companions.

You do need to brush them maybe twice a month to get rid of the excess hair and undercoat. This will keep the shedding down as well as skin irritation. If you get your Siamese as a kitten, I highly suggest getting them comfortable with bathing. This will make it much easier as they get older and stronger.

Siamese cats require lots of love and attention and really enjoy being spoiled. If you are looking for a cat to love that will make a great loyal companion for up to 18 years or so, the Siamese cat breed is perfect for you.


Can Cats Eat Watermelon?

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Cats are not able to survive on diets excluding meat.  They are what you would call an obligatory carnivore meaning they must have meat to survive.  When it comes to feeding your cats fruit & veggies, it’s okay in moderation but not as their main source of food.

Watermelon is something my Siamese cats happen to love.   I cut up little chunks and give it to them as treats here and there or put a couple small chunks in their food.  The seeds however can be toxic to your cats so don’t let them get a hold of those.  I don’t think the rind would be good for them either.  Buy seedless watermelon and you are good to go!

Just like with any human food , you don’t want to give them too much too often. Not every cat is the same but it could cause some digestive problems.


Cat Skin Care Problems

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Cat Skin Health

The cats skin is actually tougher than human skin.  This being said, it’s important to perform regular check-ups on your cat to see if there is anything abnormal going on.  Many cat owners won’t notice any change in the condition of their cats skin until it’s become extremely painful and uncomfortable for the cat.  A few symptoms of a skin irritation or skin disease are severe itching, bald spots from itching or dry and flaky skin.  Listed below are the most common skin conditions in cats to look out for:

Cheyletiellosis – A skin condition caused by microscopic skin mites that will cause itching and flaking of the skin. This can also be passed onto humans.

Alopecia – An excessive loss of hair. A few causes of this condition include flea allergy, food allergy, ear mites, stress, drug reaction, mange and ringworm.  Alopecia isn’t an actual disease but a symptom of a disease.

Acne – This is a common condition in cats but very easily treated.  This is a life long condition that is believed to be caused by an excessive amount of oil on the cats skin and the hair follicles get plugged.  This appears around the chin and mouth area.

Mange – A skin allergy that causes extreme irritation, hair loss and is transferable to other pets and possibly humans.  There are 3 different types of mange which are Demodectic, Sarcoptic and Cheyletiella mange.  These are more common in outdoor cats.

Ringworm – A skin disease caused by fungus.  They name may throw you off but it has nothing to do with an actual worm.  Ringworm is often caused by a fungus called Microsporum canis.  It’s an infection that lays within the dead layer of the skin.

Always pay close attention to your little fury friends to make sure they aren’t experiencing any cat skin discomfort.  Keep your cat health in mind always (along with yours) and they will live much longer lives!


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